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Restore Your Healthy Sleep Pattern with Hypnosis

       If you have suffered from insomnia or from sleep disruption, then the Holistic Hypnosis Sleep Program can help you.  We spend about 30% of our lives asleep, so this program will help make significant improvements to about a third of your life.

      We all have the natural ability to sleep deeply for long periods of time.  This program will help you restore your sleep cycle, so that once again you can enjoy your natural ability to sleep.

What Causes Sleep Problems
People experience sleeping problems in different ways - some find it difficult to get to sleep, others wake up frequently during the night and others wake up too early in the morning.  You may have a combination of these difficulties, and feel that you never enjoy feeling fully rested and refreshed.

       This can change.  

       If you have been experiencing problems sleeping, it is not your fault. It is usually a combination of internal stress and a program or pattern that has become established in your subconscious because of repetition.  Being unable to get a good night’s sleep is mostly a result of internal stress and some bad habits that have developed over time.  The great news is that the internal stress can be reduced and the bad habits neutralized, so you can restore a pattern of natural deep and prolonged sleep.


Thank you John! I have been a light sleeper since childhood, and my partner's snoring and moving around kept me awake all night.  I did not think you could help, but my sleep improved after the first session.  After finishing the program I am getting a full nights sleep - I even took a nap while traveling on the train, something I never could do before."  Kay W, Delmar NY (2006).

John, the self-hypnosis is really working.  I repeat the self-suggestions to myself and find that I can immediately relax, and at night I find that I can drift off to sleep in a few minutes, instead of tossing and turning for hours!

Michael McD, Latham, NY (2010).

I feel so much more relaxed in general after going through the five session process. My sleep is better and I am not flustered by some of the people at work that used to drive me crazy.  Thanks again for your help John.

Nancy M, Albany NY (2011).


While the most of my clients do experience an improvement in their sleep pattern, there is no guarantee that every client will improve their sleep using hypnosis.  The testimonials on this page are examples of people who have had success. 

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